Michelmores LLP – BNG and the natural capital economy – What developers can do to get ready and what it means for lawyers.

Biodiversity Net Gain and the legal duty on developers is the most ambitious example of the Government’s natural capital economy, but what does it mean and how does it impact both our clients and a lawyer’s day job? Our workshop will outline what we mean by BNG, the expectation on developers, the tax implications, how arrangements can be implemented, and how these requirements impact landowners specifically by exploring a case study. We will look to highlight what the opportunities are, how these can be exploited and how we are advising clients to ensure they meet the legal duty whilst making a profit. Lawyers have a vital role to play in supporting developers on their journey.

Our partners will help to increase your commercial awareness on this topic, work through a practical example and help you understand why this is becoming increasingly important for law firms to talk about. We will demonstrate how it the sustainable economy not only spans various practice areas; but how it is baked into everyday decisions firms are making.

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