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Enjoy hands-on, targeted exposure to two different practice areas during
informative and interactive workshops hosted by leading UK firms.

Osborne Clarke – The metaverse in the legal landscape

At Osborne Clarke the challenges of tomorrow are the focus of today. By zeroing in on digitalisation, decarbonisation and urban dynamics as the key areas transforming the way we live, work and do business, we’ve been able to hone our knowledge and expertise to the changes that will have the biggest impact for both our clients, and the work around us. Our interactive workshop will give you an insight into the metaverse. Whilst the metaverse doesn’t exist yet, there are many platforms that demonstrate some of the characteristics of a metaverse. Like all tech innovations, applying existing legal frameworks to a new digital landscape brings diverse challenges – join us to find out more.

Debevoise & Plimpton LLP – Private equity and private funds

The world of private equity, although frequently featured in the financial and business media, can seem complex and impenetrable. Our workshop will explain the main features of this highly topical, sometimes controversial and financially powerful part of the financial services sector – and one of Debevoise’s core practice areas. You will first hear what “private equity” firms do and how they do it. Then we will explore the incentive structures and some of the key issues involved in a fund formation assignment. You will have an opportunity to evaluate and propose amendments to some headline terms. Our experienced lawyers will help you to navigate the negotiation process.

TLT LLP – Future energy

We’re a leading adviser to the global future energy sector. Immersed in the sector as it’s grown, we’ve built an unrivalled track record delivering what our clients need so that they can lead the journey to net zero and a more sustainable future.

Working with established and first-of-a-kind technologies, we’re involved in the ground-breaking projects and deals that move the industry forwards. We have the experience, network and sector voice to connect interested parties, create commercial opportunities and get deals done.

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Michelmores LLP – BNG and the natural capital economy – What developers can do to get ready and what it means for lawyers.

Biodiversity Net Gain and the legal duty on developers is the most ambitious example of the Government’s natural capital economy, but what does it mean and how does it impact both our clients and a lawyer’s day job? Our workshop will outline what we mean by BNG, the expectation on developers, the tax implications, how arrangements can be implemented, and how these requirements impact landowners specifically by exploring a case study. We will look to highlight what the opportunities are, how these can be exploited and how we are advising clients to ensure they meet the legal duty whilst making a profit. Lawyers have a vital role to play in supporting developers on their journey.

Our partners will help to increase your commercial awareness on this topic, work through a practical example and help you understand why this is becoming increasingly important for law firms to talk about. We will demonstrate how it the sustainable economy not only spans various practice areas; but how it is baked into everyday decisions firms are making.

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