Hill Dickinson LLP – What does being a healthcare lawyer really involve?

At Hill Dickinson, we believe that aligning your career to a sector of law that you are truly passionate about from the outset will enable you to become the best future lawyer that you can be, which is why we offer tailored training contracts in our business services, health, and marine groups.

In this workshop Rebecca Sharrock, a legal director in our healthcare and public law team, will take you through a typical day as a healthcare lawyer and how she works as part of a team of over 250 to provide advice and support to national and international healthcare organisations.

You will have the opportunity to work through case study examples of typical matters that a healthcare lawyer is involved with, all while understanding how the different specialisms within the team collaborate to get the best outcome for our clients. By the end of the workshop, you will understand what a health-focused training contract at Hill Dickinson would include, and the skills that are needed to succeed in a busy team where navigating unexpected, urgent matters is the everyday.

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Gain insight into the career path at a variety of prestigious firms that could help you to secure a vacation scheme place or training contract in 2025.

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